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I am writing to recommend Eric Cook, Minority Business Association, to be apart of your organization.

I have known Eric Cook for 3 months as a member at MBA and have nothing but positive things to say. There is no doubt in my mind that Eric will be an excellent addition to City Of Spartanburg in any capacity. You will not find a more professional, dedicated and passionate individual whom proudly champion efforts of economical impact for minority businesses in Spartanburg.
I have always known Eric Cook to be of sound character, being conscientious, creative, optimistic, persistent and having a great sense of ambition. Over the course of 3 months I have witnessed tremendous growth in Eric ‘s leadership, and problem solving. I am certain these cultivated skills will allow Eric to excel as he strives to make the Spartanburg community better in his economic efforts.

Eric has helped my business grow quickly in a major with landing a new contract with a major automotive player, we’re excited for an expansion to a new office in Spartanburg this month. Eric introduced and spearheaded this amazing collaboration to Magna Energy, one of the top Tier 1 automotive suppliers locally. Magna is also the largest automobile parts manufacturer in North America by sales of original equipment parts, it has ranked consistently in the Fortune Global 500 list for 20 years in a row since 2001. It produces automotive systems, assemblies, modules, and components, which are supplied to General Motors, Ford Motor Company and FCA, as well as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, Tesla, and Tata Motors, among others. This contract alone valued over $400K initially with growth opportunity, will instrumentally be the catalyst in the growth of H. Lee Solutions, Inc., to come.

Please do not hesitate on contacting me at 864-326-5553 or, if you have any further questions or requests.

Renee Floyd
President, H, Lee Solutions, Inc.

My name is Dr. Sandra Y. Ford, and I am corresponding with you on behalf of Mr. Eric Cook and the
Minority Business Association. This letter of recommendation is highly warranted because of the
outstanding work the Minority Business Association does for women and minority business owners in
the upstate.

I have been a member of the MBA since April 2022. The MBA has been very enlightening and
inspirational in so many ways. The MBA’s networking and capacity building capabilities empower
members by informing us about business opportunities, collaboration opportunities, networking
opportunities, funding sources, as well as training and workshops.

Moreover, MBA has increased my business potential by promoting my grant writing business to other
minority business owners. In closing, I highly recommend networking and business collaborations with
Mr. Eric Cook and the Minority Business Association.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Have a blessed day!

Dr. Sandra Y. Ford, Ph.D
Executive Director, New Beginnings Human Services Agency, Inc.

Belle Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, LLP has been an annual member of MBA since August of 2021.  We attended the first meeting in May of 2021.  We have since gained numerous business contacts and clients.

MBA does an excellent job at connecting local small business with corporations, other small business, and general knowledge of local businesses.  Each networking meeting has a keynote speaker that, to me, is my favorite part.  Belle Bookkeeping has benefited from every speaker by way of contact for our business, or other businesses that we interact with.

Belle Bookkeeping & Payroll services has also gained numerous clients as a direct or indirect result of MBA.  Some direct clients include Tea Star Café, Forever Young, Legacy Transportation, and Healing Head to Toe.  We’ve generated a steady monthly income as well as word of mouth because of MBA.  We’ve also been able to connect our colleagues, business associates, even family members to services that are provided by members of the MBA group.

We’ve been invited to present with Community Works, which is a community network focused on giving back to the community in numerous ways.  This has also resulted in creating connections that will help our business in the future.

Thank You,
Ciji L Davis