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Business Development Program

Grow your bottom line, one connection at a time

What Minority-owned businesses want is more customers. However, that is easier said that done. A national poll conducted by Small Business Majority revealed the drastic set of challenges that small business owners are facing today, especially entrepreneurs of color. They are experiencing systemic barriers to access financing and business resources.

Challenges facing minority businesses aren’t new. These issues have stymied business owners of color for generations. Starting a small business as a minority is not so different from challenges faced by other small business owners, except minorities face more hurdles and obstacles to overcome. Ultimately, the goal of all owners is to engage more customers and give customers more than what they expected.

Networking round table

This is a Bi- monthly meeting with CEOs of larger companies in the area. The objective is to meet the decision directly and come up with a streamline process, to help our members become a vendor of their company.

This event eliminates the cold calling and marketing dollars spent to reach larger companies.

Direct Sales

MBA understands one of the small minority start-ups barriers happens to be capital and having access to capital. It is hard to pay a sales employee salary. MBA created our direct sales platform. What this is MBA sales team will push to make introductions to your industry specific target clients. One way we do this by inviting them to our networking round table, and another way we do this by email and formal set down meetings.

Contracted consultant Services. MBA will present a contract agreement to our members to offer the following services listed above. Commission structure agreement will be a percentage of gross margin profit generated from MBA sales platform. We also like to add, MBA helps with strategic planning, contract negotiations, and finding locations for you to set up operations.

High Level Networking Events

In upstate South Carolina there are a few high-level networking events you should always attend. Some can cost anywhere from $100.00 – $700.00 to attend. As a member of MBA’s business development program, our organization will pay for you to attend two of these events a year.

All Perks, Ambassadors, and Alumni gets.

Fee $250.00 and negotiated % of Net profit


Belle Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

- Belle Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Belle Bookkeeping & Payroll Services is grateful for the partnership with Eric. He was instrumental in the launch of our business and helping us to identify potential clients. We appreciate the time he took to introduce us to clients and business opportunities.

 Jessica Rose

- Jessica Rose

MBA is a great organization that collectively brings minority businesses together to grow and expand. I am the owner of Forever Yung Day Spa. On the first meeting of attending, I was able to make business contacts that will help grow my business. One way is I met with the CEO of a large health care company in Spartanburg and surrounding county. He is willing to bring awareness to self care for their employees, with a discount program utilizing my business. I truly believe this organization will impact the growth of many businesses.

Are you struggling with cold calling client?